More Than Numbers

How we collect data determines whose voice is heard.

Collecting data is about more than just numbers. Our surveys and evaluations can either unintentionally perpetuate bias and harmful stereotypes, or promote inclusion and

Rethinking data collection through a diversity, equity and inclusion lens is a critical undertaking for values-driven organizations, but few resources exist to guide this process.

We are publishing "More Than Numbers" as a first step toward filling this gap in the field. 

The guide includes a diverse set of resources, including:
  • Recommendations for making surveys more equitable and inclusive
  • Best practices for approaching demographic questions on program applications, surveys, event invitations and more
  • Sample questions for collecting data on gender identity and sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, and ability
We hope that this guide serves as a starting point—to spark inquiry, conversation, disruption and, ultimately, better data collection practices within organizations.

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